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Set of 2 Authentic Found Vintage Olive Bucket / Rustic Olive basket …

Code: BT-MB6

Set of 2 Authentic Found Vintage Olive Bucket / Rustic Olive basket …

  • These authentic found metal buckets were used for years to harvest olives and grapes along the mediterranean sea in Turkey.
  • They were used for picking and washing olives and grapes during harvests.
  • Now they are repurposed to take on new life as a home for potted plants, storage bins, wastebaskets, umbrella stands or simply a great decorative item holding other objects
  • There is dust and wear in it. And due to usage there may be ripples and dings.
  • These authentic buckets are found unique pieces Therefore dimensions range within 1 - 2 inches ( plus or minus ) of average dimensions given below

  • Packaged Weight: 16.000 Volumetric Weight
Price: £159.99
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These antique, rustic olive buckets are very efficient, aesthetically-pleasing, and fit for any rustic, vintage theme/concept you may create in any room. Gathered from a variety of locations in Turkey, each one of these buckets is authentic antique, with a long life behind, a life which awaits and seeks its new chapter in your home/garden and life. Get one and use it to add history and character while enjoying its rustic beauty assembled with imperfections. Olive buckets were once being used during olive and grape harvests for picking, gathering and washing. They were so multifunctional, well crafted and efficient that they continued on to be used by people with a variety of purposes to this day. They are exceptionally good for storage purposes: umbrella stand, wastebasket,storage bin,firewood, bathroom accessories, craft supplies, toys, magazines etc. can be stored in a fashionable way with them. Put a couple of them in the entryway or in any place you need them for neat and organized storage, or use them for different purposes such as planters or pots in your garden, or just for garden decor purposes, since they make beautiful ornaments too!
For Your Information: Buckets will likely show some signs of wear such as variations and changes in color, rust, scratches, dents, timeworn marks, dust. All of these signs show and represent years of use, history and old age. Make sure that you look at photos to see some examples of any of these features you might get. Each olive bucket is unique, due to their each unique life and history, therefore we are not able to take requests or orders for a specific type. This is the best deal you can find if you want to get one these unique and rare pieces full of character. 
Bucket Height: Approx. 15.74 inch - 40cm
Bucket Diameter (top of the basket) :Approx. 15.74 inch - 40 cm
Diameter Base : Approx. 10.23inch - 26cm
Weight: Approx 7 pounds
The set includes 2 found metal buckets
Product EAN:  8680075503945